Mileage: 28,534
VIN: 2HGFC2F71GH573241
Inspected By: Daves Canyon Auto
99.8% Inspector Accuracy Rating

Green Light Grade

Vehicle Overview

Inspection Report
Passed Safety
Passed Emissions
4 Green Tires
Free of Any Warning Lights at Time of Inspection
63 / 64 Passed 63 Out Of 64 Categories
This Vehicle Was Last Inspected In Orem Utah

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Market: US Light-Duty
Year: 2016
Make: Honda
Model: Civic
Trim: EX
Vehicle Type: Car
Body Type: Sedan
Oem Body Style: Sedan
Doors: 4
Model Number: FC2F7GJW
Drive Type: FWD
Brake System: Hydraulic
Restraint Type: Driver And Front Passenger Front And Side Impact Airbags, And Front And Rear Side Curtain Airbags With Rollover Sensor.

  • KEY:
  • Checked And Ok
  • Fixed Or Replaced
  • May Require Attention Soon
  • Requires Immediate Attention


Green Fixed or Replaced Yellow Red Issues & Comments

Electrical (Engine, Chasis, Cabin)

Green Fixed or Replaced Yellow Red Issues & Comments
Warning Lights (ABS, TPMS, SES,etc)
Warning Light Guide:
Display Screens/ Guages
Entertainment/ Navigation
Cabin/ Courtesy Lights
Cabin/ Power Outputs
Battery/ Terminal(s) Condition
Learn More
Alternator System
Learn More
Abnormal Noise From Alternator
Inspection Comment:
Abnormal Noise From Alternator
Starting System
Learn More
Fuel Pump/ Injectors

Fluids/ Cooling/ HVAC & Filters

Green Fixed or Replaced Yellow Red Issues & Comments
Heater/ Air Conditioning/ Blower Fan
Heater Core/ Radiator/ Hoses
Coolant Condition
Brake Fluid Condition
Windshield Washer Fluid Condition
Differential(s) Fluid Condition
Transmission Fluid & Filter Conditions
AC Condensor
Water Pump
Electric Cooling Fan(s)/ Fan Clutch
Engine Oil & Oil Filter Condition
Engine Air Filter Condition
Fuel Filter
Power Steering Fluid Condition


Green Fixed or Replaced Yellow Red Issues & Comments

tire quality *








Green These are good tires that meet or exceed safety requirements.
Yellow Tires nearing the end of its useful life.
Red Tire has surpassed its functional life.

Within the United States 42 states consider 2/32 inch the minimum legal tread depth, however, Arkansas, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Carolina and West Virginia have no standard on tread depth. California and Idaho consider 1/32 the minimum tread depth requirement. Learn more at

Steering/ Suspension/ Braking Systems

Green Fixed or Replaced Yellow Red Issues & Comments
Power Steering Condition
Wheel Bearings
Front Suspension/ Shocks/ Struts/
Rear Suspension/ Shocks/ Struts
Upper Control Arms/ Ball Joints
Lower Control Arms/ Ball Joints
Inner Tie-Rods/ Outer Tie-Rods
Sway Bar(s)/ End Links/ Bushings
Steering Column
Rack & Pinion/ Steering Box
Parking Brake
Front Brake Pads
Rear Brake Pads
Brake Lines Front
Brake Lines Rear
Brake Master Cylinder


Green Fixed or Replaced Yellow Red Issues & Comments
Glass/ Windshield
Washer Nozzles/ Wiper Blades
Airbags/ Seat Belt
Emissions/ OBD2 Readiness Monitors
Drive Cycle
EVAP System
The Evaporative Emissions Control System (EVAP)
Catalytic Converter

Engine/ Transmission/ Transfer Case & Drive Axle(s)

Green Fixed or Replaced Yellow Red Issues & Comments
Engine Condition
Engine Sludge
Transmission Condition
Turbo Charger
Super Charger
Hybrid System (If Applicable)
Drive Belt (Serpentine Belts/ V-belt)
Transmission Mount(s) Condition
Clutch Operation
Transfer Case Condition
U Joints/ CV Joints/ CV Boots
Differential Condition


Green Fixed or Replaced Yellow Red Issues & Comments
Exhaust System
Passed: 63/64
  • Green - Tires Are 5/32 In Depth or Greater
  • Yellow - Tires Are 4/32 or 3/32 In Depth
  • Red - Tires Are 2/32 or Less
  • A/C Front
    Alloy Wheels
    Anti-Lock Brakes
    Driver Air Bag
    Power Mirrors
    Power Steering
    Power Windows
    Side Air Bag
    Tilt Wheel
    Traction Control
    MP3 Player
    Chrome Wheels
    Backup Camera
    Keyless Entry
    Bluetooth Capable
    Passenger Air Bag
    Rear Air Bags
    Power Door Locks
    Cruise Control
    AM/FM Stereo
    Auxiliary Audio Input
    Steering Wheel Audio Controls
    Brake Assist

    Alliston, Ontario, Canada - Canada


    The purpose of a Green Light Inspection report is to provide the user with a qualified Mechanics opinion of certain aspects regarding the key components of the Vehicle. Green light is not responsible for nor do we address other mechanical needs outside this specific report. Green light inspection is not a warranty service. Users understand that areas of a Green light Inspection report may say Passed Inspection or Attention recommended. These items are used to provide the user with guidance to use at their own discretion as to the mechanical condition of the vehicle. Users should not rely solely on this Green Light report to identify the overall condition of the vehicle.


    Green light inspections may be executed by a Green Light employee or mechanics independent of Green Light that have been properly trained on Green Light procedure. In the case of categories that do not apply to certain vehicles, all categories will be marked as Passed Inspection by automatic default. Green Light or any independent mechanics that run a Green Light Inspection or mark a category as Passed Inspection or Attention recommended are completing the report based on their judgment as a mechanic, and hold no liability regarding the overall condition of the vehicle. No employee or independent mechanic is providing any warranty or certification services based on the result of this report.